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permissions error on setCreationDate

I think this may be an Archetypes issue.  Please redirect me if not!

I've been hunting for a change in core Plone permissions code between
2.1.1 sept 17 SVN bundle and 2.1.1 release.  My issue involves
permissions on setCreationDate, and an error I've discovered through
the use of jensens setdate script from,

On a base of zope2.8.1/py2.3.5 on linux, and in all cases logged in as
the user who created the instance and the plone install:

If I install a zope instance and 2.1.1 SVN sep 17, setdate runs and
executes setCreationDate.

If I install a zope instance and 2.1.1 release, setdate throws:

> The object is marked as private. Access to 'setCreationDate' of
(ATDocument at / denied.

The workflow permission on the doc is published, the error refers (I
think) to something like security.delcarePrivate('setCreationDate') in

When the setdate script is run (on 2.1.1 release) it first throws a
zope login box, but refuses to accept any login; when I finally cancel
the login it then throws the error page.  Then when I attempt to
refresh a page in the ZMI it requires a new login.  Very odd behavior.

I haven't been able to track down a permissions change in the
plone/archetypes code after Sep 17 -- could it be something in the
permissions module or

I'm needing to solve this issue to import some archival material, so
I'm grateful for any assistance!

-- Aquinas

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