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ZODB Issues

Hai all,
            We are  developing a plone site where numerous plone objects(Archetypes based content types) are stored. We are experiencing some performance issues (site is slow).
            We are using Version control for plone objects. will these versions be deleted while deleting objects?
            zope version - 2.7.5 and plone version - 2.0.5
            Is there any way to reduce the size of those objects? or anything else can be done to solve this?
            can anyone help us on this...              
Ravi V
WinStrata Software Solutions.
Dieter Maurer Dieter Maurer
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Re: ZODB Issues

Ravi wrote at 2005-10-19 12:40 +0530:
>            We are  developing a plone site where numerous plone
>objects(Archetypes based content types) are stored. We are experiencing some
>performance issues (site is slow).

A large ZODB is usually not responsible when a site is slow.


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