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What is Flon? / Plone 2.2

As I'm looking into customizing the visual appearance of my site (see
thread "Can a Plone Site be Beautiful?"), I'm intrigued by the
proposed integration of Flon into Plone 2.2

I read Sidnei da Silva's posting at
http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/107 as an example of how Flon
can be used and now am wondering -- can Flon + Five Views allow for
something nice like these?

* On a per-instance basis (rather than say adding a possible display
to all instances of a portal type), add an interface ICoolSkin that
would allow for that object to display with a cool skin?

* On a per-instance basis, add an interface that would make that
object fall under a quota management system?

* On a per-instance basis, add an interface IUseImageForTitle that
would allow a user to upload an image to display instead of the usual
<h1> Title </h1>?


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