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Vulnerability in PloneFormGen — Updated announcement

[The previous version of this announcement suggested an upgrade to PloneFormGen version 1.7.9. The distribution file for that version had an error that prevented installation. Version 1.7.11 replaces it. Information has also been added on how to get help with the update.]

PloneFormGen, a widely used response-form-creation add-on for the Plone Content Management System, has been discovered to have a serious vulnerability that allows an anonymous attacker to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the system user running the server.

Installations of Plone that do not use the PloneFormGen add-on are not affected by this vulnerability.

The vulnerability is present in PloneFormGen versions 1.7.4 (2012-11-04) through 1.7.8. Users of any of these versions should immediately upgrade to Products.PloneFormGen version 1.7.11. 1.7.11 has been released today to the Plone and Python package repositories.

Another serious vulnerability affects most earlier versions of PloneFormGen. This vulnerability affects forms that have custom script adapters, and allows an anonymous attacker to gain control over the handling of data submitted through the form. This vulnerability is addressed in version 1.7.9. Users of PloneFormGen in the 1.6 series, which runs on Plone 3.x, 4.0 and 4.1 should upgrade to version 1.6.7, also released today.

Help for installing the upgrade is available on the #plone IRC channel and forums. Upgrading an already installed package requires you to specify the new version number in your buildout configuration file and run buildout.

Thanks to The Code Distillery's security analysts for the responsible disclosure of the vulnerabilities, and for their suggestions for addressing the issues.

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