Using subdomains to access specific plone folders

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Using subdomains to access specific plone folders

I'm currently planning a portal application that allows members and teams to
maintain their own folders.

This is a fairly standard site of course thanks to plone and teamspace but i
would like the member/team folders to be accessible using their own
subdomains/or even domains.

I have wildcard dns and know how to do this in apache and the vhm but of
course the links to the rest of the site don't function correctly due to
portal_url being set for the new domain.

I would like these subsites to have their own skin - which includes a
blogger type navigation bar (see any blog at at the top to the
main sections of the site.

example - my folder is at

I would like to be able to access it using and have all links
above my folder set to rather than

One implication i can see with this approach is the login process - i would
like a single signin if possible but i realise this may not be possible due
to using a subdomain.

Does anyone have any suggestions of ways to implement this approach?



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