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We discussed the new theme. In particular the use of p.a.widgets and a iframe-less toolbar.
Ramon explained p.a.widgets is used because of the contact form, the search form (dates widget), p.a.discussion and some other places. I thought it would be good to minimise these places as much as possible.
The iframe-less toolbar is used because p.a.toolbar may not be ready for plone 5 especially since it doesn't seem like anyone is using it in production.
Ramon also brought up that for all of his clients he uses Plone as an intranet so for him the emphasis is on a single theme with lots of functionality that works together. This is as opposed to the WordPress type usage where each site would look very different, be quick to theme by designers with their own way of using html/js.
We also discussed the increased work backend developers have to do if they have to consider integration with frontend themes. Ramon thought that is minimised by the way the html5 and css in the new works.
So including p.a.toolbar in plone 5 is at risk. It needs to be tested and it needs to shown to work well with intranets.
We will try to get Rok to the next meeting.

Discussed Eric Steele's idea of a challenge to coders not currently involved in plone 5 to pick a small UI annoyance, put forward a proposal with the aim to get it into plone 5 or soon after. We agreed it was a good idea. I will put together a post and coordinate this.

Discussed the PLIP for folderish content including the reluctance of putting tiles in plone 5. Discussed the idea of breaking it into 3 phases and how to get those not already working on Plone 5 involved.

We didn't get to discuss the status of the new folder contents.

Let me know if I got anything wrong.

Dylan Jay

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