SIte in a/Data.fs points back to b/ (where is was created) - Mount Point issue

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SIte in a/Data.fs points back to b/ (where is was created) - Mount Point issue

I'm trying to use a default Data.fs file as a seed to be copied to a new
Mount Point directory for each new Plone, and running into the problem
that the new site ends up pointing back at the old url (where the
default Data.fs was created).

I've got a bunch of Plone sites running on my server, each starting from
the same base, and then customized by their respective (and different)

Each site runs on its own mount point. It occurred to me that I could
create a default Data.fs file, and then copy that into separate mount
directories, to save some time setting up each new site.

I created this "site template" in the default_site mount point, using
this zope.conf setup:

<zodb_db default_site>
mount-point /default_site
path $INSTANCE/var/default_site/Data.fs

then, once I'd massaged default_site, I added (for a site called
newbie), this to zope.conf

<zodb_db newbie>
mount-point /newbie:/default_site
path $INSTANCE/var/default_site/Data.fs
copied ./var/default_site/Data.fs to ./var/newbie/Data.fs, restarted and
the ZMI interface seemed to work. The ZMI urls correctly go to /newbie.

(Note that the odd mount-point syntax is required to get Zope to find
the contents within the Data.fs file - see

However, once I flip into Plone in this new site, all the links go back
to /default_site, which is not what I want.

Perhaps my zope.conf syntax is still incorrect, perhaps there's
something else I need to tweak within the copied Data.fs file, or
perhaps this cannot be done.

I'd be grateful for clues.

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