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Bronwyn Carlisle wrote:

> Hi, just a quick query
> When people are adding or editing a page or similar object, at the  
> bottom of the main text field it has a button with which it says  "or  
> upload a file (existing content will be replaced)".  I find that  people
> think this can be a word file or whatever.  I want to change  the
> instructions to read "or upload an html file (existing content  will be
> replaced)".  I figured this should be a case of customising  the rich
> widget.  However, when I customise the rich widget in the  
> archetypes/widgets folder it makes no difference.  Is this because I  am
> changing the wrong thing? Or is it because widgets don't like to  be in
> the custom folder?  Or what?

Widgets are placed in a subfolder in a skins layer. This causes
problems, because it's really the subfolder that is looked up by the
skins tool and not the contents of it. (When something asks for
'widgets/richwidget', the skins tool looks up 'widgets' and asks for its

You could customize the entire 'widgets' subfolder, including all its
contents; edit the template in place in Archetypes; or change the
definition of the widget to point it at a different location.

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