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On Friday, October 14, 2005 8:00 PM Scott Nour <[hidden email]> wrote:

> I did see another post where you shared the viewlet code.
>  I had a problem creating it-
> the zmi didn't seem to allow me to c
> reate anything in the existing viewlet folder.
> I tried customizing one of the existing viewlets and pasting your
> code, but kept getting eof errors when I tried to apply the changes.

That's what I'd normally do myself, or just create a new template in the
custom folder.  You can't change anything in the product folders unless you
change the actual files on the disk that they are read from, but that's not
the normal way to do it.  It sounds like you need to read one of the books
or how-tos (see

> I'm using Plone 2.1.

I wrote the viewlet for 2.0, but I can't see why you'd get an error just
saving it.  Did you completely replace what was there? I'm not sure what
would cause an eof error, or what it is.  Could some stray non-ascii
characters have crept into the code during emailing?

> So, if you could step me through how to add
> and register the viewlet I'd greatly appreciate it.

Once you've successfully saved the viewlet you need to go to
/portal_contentpanels and add a new action. Mine has these settings:

Name : RSS List
Id : rss_list
Action : string: here/viewlet_rssdocument/macros/portlet
Condition : leave blank
Permission : view
Category : PT:RSSDocument
Visible: yes

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