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> Hi,
> I have a class (say A) which HAS a dictionary of objects which belongs
> to another class (say B)
> The A class IS a plone content type. In my view form, I need to iterate
> the dictionary items in A and get each B type of object and show the
> attributes of B in html.
> Please tell me how to do this with page templating. This seems to be
> very easy in case of JSP, but in case of page templating I'm clueless.
> All the books and examples just describe how to iterate a simple list,
> and they do not answer my complex situation. So finally I decided to put
> viewing logic in python, which is very bad, but I could not help it :-(

It is easy to transform the keys or values of a dictionary into a simple
list. Try it::

  >>> dict = {1:2, 3:4, 5:6}
  >>> dict.values()

The other part of the question is dealing with complex list elements.
This is also straightforward. For each iteration, a new list element is
bound to your repeat variable. Instead of just printing your repeat
variable, ask it for attributes::

  <div tal:repeat="elt context/listOfObjects">
    <div tal:content="elt/getId">Value of attribute of elt</div>

I think you can probably manage to put these two together.


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