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> Daniel Nouri wrote:
>> It turns out that this error is caused by recent changes in
>> plone.z3cform.  You need to make a small changes to your buildout
>> configuration to fix this.  Add these these lines to your
>> ``fakezope2eggs`` or ``zope2`` section, depending on whether you're
>> still using ``fakezope2eggs`` or not:
>>     skip-fake-eggs =
>>         zope.testing
>>         zope.component
>>         zope.i18n
>> I've updated the plone.z3cform How-To on
> I'm a bit unhappy about this change to plone.z3cform.

Are you sure it's plone.z3cform that's to blame?
I'm not using plone.z3cform and I still have to make the changes you
suggested in reply to this to get further in the buildout.

That said, I'm still stumped with PIL not being installed by the
buildout and so causing startup to fail.
Why would PIL not be installed by the buildout?



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