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Re: Beautiful Plone Sites, Continued

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 21:24:42 +0100, George Lee  
<[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi,
> The "display" option in Plone 2.1 seems like it could be really useful
> customizing different parts of the site to do some powerful visual
> work ... not just customizing the body content but also (by not using
> main template) customizing the whole screen differently.

Mmmmmm.... I'd be careful; That isn't the intention of that piece of UI,  
and abusing it for a different purpose may lead to quite a bit of user  
confusion. Technically, you could do it by registering a page template  
that didn't use main_template's main macro the way most content-display  
page templates do. However, it'd only work if you set it on each content  
object - that is, if you navigate to another content item in the same  
section that didn't use the same template/look-and-feel you'd get the  
default plone UI again.

> That's my hunch although maybe that's too ad hoc of a way to work in
> different visual looks for different parts of the site? For instance
> would relying on "display" (which is set for each item) make it tricky
> to pull "everything in this folder should have this type of image
> setup at the top of the page," etc.? Maybe a better way is for an item
> to acquire a css stylesheet up its line of containers, or to use the
> "display" method and the "acquire css" method.

Acquisition still works - you can put a new main_template object in a  
subfolder to have it be acquired before the root main_template.

If CSS is all you want to change, you can probably get away with using  
some conditions on stylesheets in portal_css (resource registries) - much  

Whether having radically different design for different parts of your site  
is a very good usability decision is another discussion, of course. :)



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