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Hi Duncan,

Thank you for your prompt answer.

> You use Kupu 1.4. Of course, that version doesn't exist yet,
> so you'll need a time machine.

How far forward should I set the dial? :-)

> My intention is that you'll get presented with a drawer which has a
> selection box listing the defined paragraph styles (the same
> list as you
> get for setting paragraph styles), and when you select a
> style a list box
> will fill with the initial text of each paragraph with that
> style. You then
> select the appropriate paragraph and hit ok to insert a link
> jumping to
> that location. So, for example, if you have a footnote style, you can
> easily get a list of footnotes. (Sorry, but if you want
> numbered footnotes
> you'll still have to do most of that manually).
> Anchors would be automatically generated, and the anchor
> names would be
> things like 'heading3' for the third anchor pointing to
> something with
> heading style. I'm not sure about this last bit as that wouldn't
> necessarily be the third heading, so it could be confusing, perhaps
> heading.a, heading.b, ... would be a better set of names, or
> maybe use
> style and first few letters whenever possible. Obviously if
> you linked to a
> paragraph which already had an anchor it would just use that
> instead of
> inserting another one.
> Comments welcome.

Anything at all would be good - this is pretty much a showstopper for us.
If we can make a link to any heading that would be cute, but if we could
have something basic soon (along the lines of Epoz would be fine - create
the links manually) that would be even better.  I don't know if I can offer
much coding help at present - I'm currently busy migrating the charity's
site (~1000+ pages), and then I'm about 6 weeks behind on updates to my own
site, all squeezed into the hour between my children going to bed and me
crashing out - but I'm certainly happy to help with testing.

Re the naming question, I would be happiest with heading.firstword (or
heading.first_few_words) - that is easiest to understand if I'm hitting the
HTML directly if there's an issue - but I can see that numbering would make
it easier to get unique links.


Ian Brockbank
Edinburgh, Scotland
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