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PyCon UK Approaching...

Hi All,

Apologies for what might be seen as spam but I wasn't even aware this
conference took place last year and I live in the UK! So, hopefully you
won't mind me letting you know that it's taking place again this year ;-)

PyCon UK 2008 is an independent, community-run, community-controlled
and not-for-profit conference dedicated to the Python programming
language, Python applications, toolkits and frameworks. It also
features social events and a chance to meet fellow Python users. It is
organised by members of Python User Groups from across the United

PyCon UK 2008 will be taking place in Birmingham City Centre from the
12th-14th September. It will feature the leading members of the UK
Python community as well as Ted Leung from Sun Microsystems, Jacob
Kaplan-Moss from the Django Project and Mark Shuttleworth, a developer
of the Bazaar Version Control System and founder of the Ubuntu Linux

PyConUK will feature around 60 talks and tutorials, a conference
dinner and two pub events. Booking is open now at   Further Information is available at

Hope to see you there!

Chris :-)

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