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Discusses the development of the Plone UI, you will find developers who specialise in user-interfaces, CSS, accessibility and other UI related topics on this mailing list. Do not use this list to send generic Plone questions, this is for the developers of the Plone UI, product developers who need UI help and other people who want to contribute.

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by fabil

An open list for discussions, technical and non- technical, about the use of Plone in the NGO/non-profit/charity sector.

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by fabil

Discussion on installing, setting up and upgrading Plone.

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by fabil
Marketing and evangelism of Plone, conference and event attendance and planning. 413 1411
by T. Kim Nguyen-2

Discussion forum for the maintainers of the various installer versions of Plone (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

Important! To post to any of the forums, make sure you have read registering and posting to the Plone forums.

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by Canadianpapers

Discusses general issues and questions related to normal use and customization of Plone. This is the list to use for most questions.

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by Ruane84

Discusses general development of Plone itself, you will find most of the developers on this mailing list. Do not use this list to send generic Plone questions, this is for the core developers of Plone and people who want to contribute to writing code to improve Plone.

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by andymiles111
An extremely low-volume release announcement list for Plone as well as any security advisories regarding Plone. The list is moderated, and only the Plone Team can post to this list. Recommended subscription. 129 134
by Announce mailing lis...

Discusses the creation of new documentation and improvements to the existing content. Please help out if you use Plone, even if you're completely new to the system. You will have valuable experience along the way. This list does not answer Plone questions as such, but discusses the process and coordination of documentation writing and maintenance.

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by abrahamjulien

A list for add-on product developers to get help with their Collective-hosted products - updates to newer Plone versions, migrations and general questions about Plone add-on development.

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by harrisdocks

Plone Salesforce Integration is a group dedicated to the open source effort to integrate the open source content management system Plone with the CRM. Components of this project were started in 2006 with a project grant from the foundation and is continued by the community.

PloneSalesforce comprises multiple software products that will allow you to interact with Salesforce directly from Python code in Plone:

  • Beatbox
    • this is the Python toolkit for the Salesforce web API. It was originally written by Simon Fell.
    • it allows arbitrary connections to Salesforce from Python code
  • SalesforceBaseConnector
    • this is where core Salesforce connections are made
    • it relies on Beatbox to talk to Salesforce
  • SalesforceAuthPlugin (will be renamed)
    • this is an Authentication plug in that uses Salesforce as a Plone member repository
    • it relies on SalesforceBaseConnector to interact with Saleforce
  • SalesforcePFGAdapter
    • this is a tool that uses Plone Form Gen to create web-to-X forms in Plone without any coding necessary
    • it relies on SalesforceBaseConnector to interact with Saleforce
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by wharry11

Use of Plone in educational settings like K-12, colleges, universities and schools in general.

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by Nathan Van Gheem-4

Using Plone for for environmental collabration and information-sharing.

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by valentinopposi

Running - maintainance and proposals of features to the site. If you want to help Plone, but don't know how to code, this is an excellent opportunity to help out.

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by Jean Jordaan
Discussion of Plone in the Enterprise. 44 132
by Dylan Jay

Discusses general issues and questions related to the use of Archetypes, Plone's schema-based content type generation framework. Archetypes provides automatic form generation, simple integration with rich content types, and a lower entry bar to the complex requirements Zope places on new content objects. Archetypes is part of Plone.

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by c.ledermann

Plone in scientific/research environments.

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by resepmasakankubanget
The list began in September 2005. Nabble archiving began on 23 January 2010, following an invitation to join. 17 65
by sieutai87