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[Plone-developers] Music Technology Group - Hiring a (PLONE / Python) programmer

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-- Music Technology Group (Barcelona / SPAIN) - Hiring a PLONE / Python programmer --

The Music Technology Group looks [1] for a full time programmer. The candidate will be devoted to work on the SIMAC European Project [2] for ~6 months from November until April 2006.

The topic is:
Development and maintainment of a Plone based site to manage collaborative annotation of songs.

o Zope/Plone Development
o Python
o Linux shell scripting
o Open Source databases programming (Mysql/Postgres)

o PyUnit
o Perl/PHP scripting
o Tcl/Tk
o Interest in Music Information Retrieval systems.
o Data Visualization
o OpenGL
o Curl library

TO: [hidden email]
CC: [hidden email]

[1] http://www.iua.upf.es/mtg
[2] http://www.semanticaudio.org/

Music Technology Group of the Pompeu Fabra University

The Music Technology Group, MTG, integrated in the Audiovisual Institute of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona, specializes in audio processing technologies and their music and multimedia applications. With more than 40 researchers coming from various disciplines, the MTG carries out research and development projects in areas such as audio processing and synthesis; audio identification; audio content analysis, description and transformation; singing voice processing; interactive systems; and software tools.

The MTG wants to contribute to the improvement of the technologies of musical interest, carrying out competitive research at the international level and transferring its results to the society. It aims to find a balance between basic and applied research and at the same time to promote interdisciplinary research that incorporates knowledge from both scientific/technological and humanistic/artistic disciplines.

The MTG was created in 1994 by its current director, Dr. Xavier Serra, as one of the research groups of the Audiovisual Institute, a centre for interdisciplinary research in the different areas of Digital Media.

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