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I'm rather new to zope/plone and have found myself in charge of  
moving an existing site from Plone-2.0 to Plone-2.1 and from  
I18NFolder/Layer to LinguaPlone. I have an existing product, that  
generates a javascripted dropdown menu. The site uses this menu as  
its main navigation.

Menus are implemented using two archetypes classe 'Menu' and  
'MenuItem', Menu is folderish - subclassing I18NFolder, they contain  
more MenuItems and Menus and show only submenus and menuitems that  
are in the current language. MenuItems basically just have a  
referencefield for the object they link to.

<Finally the Actual Question>
What folderish type should I subclass for my Menu-class to require  
the least amount of changes? I'm thinking Folder or BaseFolder.
Any caveats you can think of (I'm still not quite comfortable in  
</Finally the Actual Question>

Thomas Clement Mogensen

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