Hiding siblings in 2.1.1 navigation portlet

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Hiding siblings in 2.1.1 navigation portlet

We're trying to trim down our navigation portlet because, thanks to
the lack of batching, it grows really long really quickly when people
have lots of subfolders at one level.  One way we've decided to do
this is by only displaying the path to the current object and its
children, instead of the path and all siblings of the path elements.
So in a heirarchy:

--Folder A
---- Folder B
---- Folder C
---- Folder D
------ Folder E
-------- subfolders
---- Folder F
---- Folder G
-- Folder H

When viewing the navigation portlet from Folder E, we'd like it to display as:

Folder A
-- Folder D
---- Folder E (highlighted)
------ subfolders
Folder H

This would require users to go back up the tree in order to take a
different branch, which we're fine with.  Is there any way to do this
using the navtree_properties alone?  Or will I have to somehow
customize the portlet macro to only display objects along the current

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