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[HOTFIX] Important announcement about today's hotfix

Hello all,

Due to problems with download.zope.org, a server used by most people in
their Plone buildouts, we have taken the decision to delay today's
hotfix by 1 week.

It will now be released at 1500 UTC on Tuesday 18th June. More
information will be added to
http://plone.org/products/plone/security/advisories/20130611-announcement as
it becomes available.

We made this decision on the advice of the zope.org sysadmins, who are
not confident the server will be stable by 1500 UTC. They are currently
looking into this problem, but we decided it wasn't worth the risk.

I'm very sorry for any inconvenience caused, especially to those of you
in timezones that make our normal patch time inconvenient and to those
of you that have had to notify clients of downtime. We didn't take this
decision lightly.

Thanks for your understanding,


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