2 Very Experienced Plone Devs You Probably Don't Know (Yet) Now Available P/T

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2 Very Experienced Plone Devs You Probably Don't Know (Yet) Now Available P/T

Hello Plone!

Luke Brannon and I are a two man team based in Canada and the US who have  have been quietly working away in Plone together (full time) since 2011. Prior to that we both developed in Plone for several years (also full time).

We have experience on both the back and front ends and we deploy heavily specialised Intranets over Amazon AWS for many clients throughout the English speaking world. We have always worked remotely and have been partnered with another 100% remotely operated business -- so we are very comfortable and successful working this way.

Our existing projects no longer require our full attention and we have approximately 40 hours/month available to outsource.  We are flexible in how those hours could be scheduled (such as a 2-3 week burst or one day per week... etc) and because most of our time is already paid for we are quite reasonably priced.

If you have ever imagined having an experienced Plone Dev as a Part-timer, or have any other need of Plone developers please let us know and we would love to talk to you in more detail. 

Kind regards,


P.S. Luke is attending the 15th Plone Conference this week in Boston!

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